Committee for Better Decisions

It's time to act for some rational choices

The average business decision is pretty poor. Blogs and case studies don't seem to be having much impact on this problem. Maybe it's now time for those of us who think we know what we are doing to start a wider campaign.

An ad campaign to get better business decisions

Here's a thought. Why don't we do a bit of advertising to raise market awareness? If you've got this far into our website then we probably have a common interest in raising the awareness of our Executive bosses and clients. The need is long overdue that they should get a grip of this issue and start fixing their programmes. So rather than preaching to the converted in groups like this and writing worthy blogs and position papers, why not club together and hire a damn good advertising agency?

The big guys can lobby their political contacts and by making Benefits Management part of the intellectual infrastructure of the UK we can broaden the appeal and keep the adverts non-proprietary. In the end it's a 'win-win' (hate that phrase). We raise the game for UK business decisions and increase the size of the market for all our services.

And just to kick it all off, here's the initial diagram to map it out, thumbnail below just to show the shape of the thing. It's all indicative stuff for now but I offer it to start the debate.


If you are interested in forming a Committee for Better Decisions then please get in touch.

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