Success is hard

In the world of programmes and projects success is hard to achieve and often hard to prove. Programmes struggle because we dive into the complexity without stepping back into the basic principles that show the key things they are meant to achieve. Modelling helps. Here's one I did earlier.

Starting out

How many schools teach you how to make decisions? By the time most of us face the big decisions, we are already set in the bad habits we've developed by simply living long enough.

In 2011 I created Goal Modelling (which eventually morphed into Benefit of Experience) as a toolkit for young people who are facing their first big decisions with not a lot of practical help. The more I thought about it though, the more I realised that there are plenty of not so young people out there who would also appreciate a few pointers. Whoever you are, if you're in new territory where people want your decisions, this one's for you. The New Decision Maker's Starter Kit

An old man remembers...

Been there, done that, got a collection of fading and moth-eaten T-shirts to prove it. If you really want to know, this is me.
So, if I have a brain full of history and experience, what's the point of keeping it unused in my head. Benefit of Experience is my attempt to make some decent use of what I've learnt over the years. 

Most of the articles in this website are ideas that I published previously. Most of the people who've read them are people like me, middle-aged project management professionals. It's time that I broadened my audience. I'd like to think that my approach is general enough that anyone can make use of it, no matter who you are or what background you come from. The whole point is that it gives you skills that work for any decision.

Join me on Twitter @benexperience for some snappy insights and pointers other people's stuff I think is relevant and useful.

What this site is

A set of tools and guidance to help people make better decisions at any level, from the personal choices to corporate strategy.

I want you to make good decisions that get good results (for your own definition of ‘good’). 

What it isn't

Mandatory, no-one's going to make you use this. Pick the bits you feel work best for you.

Guaranteed, the final decisions you make are yours alone. This isn't a silver bullet that kills your monsters and it isn't an excuse to abdicate your responsibilities.

The small print  

If you can take stuff from this website and apply it to your life or business, that's great. Please just let me know that you found it useful and give this site some acknowledgement so other people might find it.

If you'd like to dig deeper or have a particular project that you think I can help you with, then please get in touch. Small bits of advice will be free but I'll have to charge if you want hours of my time. 

You can email me at david.waller (at)

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